eNews – Market Forces meeting rescheduled. Join us for a practice Zoom instead.

Organisation: Lighter Footprints

Author: Carolyn Ingvarson

Release Date: 23/03/2020

Website: https://lighterfootprints.org/wp-content/uploads/Market-Forces-meeting-rescheduled-join-us-for-a-practice-Zoom-instead-23320.pdf

Sadly, Wednesday night’s talk with Market Forces cannot go ahead as planned. Although we endeavored to rework our meeting format the events of yesterday have overtaken even us! Market Forces have agreed that Wednesday night is probably not a great time for all concerned to convene and are happy to postpone their presentation. We intend to re-schedule Market Forces for our April 29 meeting.

Instead of Market Forces this Wednesday night you can log on to a practice Zoom meeting at 7:30pm (25 March) and Julian will take you through some of the basics. We’ll say hello, work through some problems and maybe even have time to discuss what the wider movement is feeling about the current crisis. It won’t be as long a meeting as normal, maybe one hour tops for those who want to stay the whole time.