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Joining together for climate action

Climate change is the most serious challenge we face, yet we have solutions right now, like efficient electric appliances and clean renewable energy. There is still time to achieve a safe climate future but we must act now with urgency. Lighter Footprints aims to educate and engage our community and encourage decision makers to adopt effective climate policy.

Personal action is important but it’s only by working together that we will achieve systemic change at the scale required. 



Lighter Footprints working groups

Head over to our Take Action page to have a look at some of our working groups and learn more about the work we do. We’d love you to be involved, whether its behind the scenes helping with events, letter drops and publicity, or working with others collating and publicising solutions on energy, better local policies, and informing the public.

Welcome to Lighter Footprints local climate action group

Connect with us!

If you would like to be involved in our work then we’d love you to fill in your details so we can contact you about the best way to contribute.

You are welcome to contact our Convenor directly. Lynn Frankes is available on 0425 843 685.