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Ashwood Climate Action Network – Campaigning in the Victorian State Election – Join Us!

Ashwood is a new Victorian Lower House Seat

Ashwood is a new Victorian Legislative Assembly seat which replaces the seat of Burwood. It includes the suburbs of Glen Iris, Ashburton, Ashwood, Mount Waverley, Chadstone and parts of Burwood.

Ashwood Climate Action Network is a non-partisan community climate action group, made up of climate-conscious residents in the new Ashwood District. Many Lighter Footprints supporters are members of this network. 

Our objective is to raise awareness of the need for climate action by all parties and candidates as we head into the state election campaign.

School Strikers Chisholm Candidate Forum

Help us make Climate the #1 issue in Ashwood – Weekly Vigils – Fence Signs – Climate Scorecards



Weekly Vigils to raise climate awareness:

We’d love to see you at our Vote Climate vigils!

  • Friday Oct 14 Waverley Rd and Warrigal Road
  • Friday Oct 21 Waverley Rd and Warrigal Road
  • Friday Oct 28 Burwood Hwy and Middleborough Road
  • Friday Nov 4 Burwood Hwy and Middleborough Road
  • Friday Nov 11 Warrigal Rd and High St Road

Join us for these peaceful actions, followed by a social cuppa at a local cafe.

No need to bring anything. We have banners and placards. Its a great way to meet others in the group.


Ashwood CAN Friday 9th October
Ashwood CAN in rain
Ashw3ood Vote Climate fence sign

Let’s get our neighbours thinking about climate when they vote!

Would you like a sign for your front fence?

We’d love to see these eye catching signs distributed all over Ashwood.

If you would like a fence sign please contact David on 0419 561 096.

We’re happy to deliver your sign to your front door.




Climate Scorecards

We’ll score the candidates’ climate policies so voters understand where the candidates stand on key climate issues.

We’ll need your help to letterbox the Ashwood electorate with this important information!


We’re working with the Victorian Climate Action Network’s scorecard working group to develop a Candidate Climate Scorecard which will assess the candidates’ published climate policies.

We think it’s vitally important that voters have good quality information on which to base their votes.

We want voters to be thinking about climate issues when they make their assessment as to who will best represent their interests. We plan to letterbox the scorecard throughout Ashwood and hand it out at early voting centres and on polling day.

If you are able to help us achieve this please contact David on 0419 561 096.


Ashwood Candidate Meetings

So far we have met with the Labor and Liberal candidates. We hope to schedule a meeting with the Greens candidate, Peter Morgan in the coming weeks. We are not aware of any independent candidates in Ashwood at this time.

Labor Candidate Matt Fregon MP

Sitting MP for Mount Waverley
Elected to the Legislative Assembly since Nov 2018
We congratulated him on Labor Party climate action including targets and real action to reduce emissions, including support for households and businesses. We welcomed the recent announcement about energy storage.
Matt feels communicating the economic opportunities and jobs in clean energy is key to helping undecided voters understand.
We spoke to him about the need for politicians to speak up about the urgent need to address climate action including
  • no new gas development
  • household energy efficiency
  • stopping native forest logging as quickly as possible.
He was unaware the forest protest laws also affect citizen scientists doing biodiversity surveys.
EVs and the current road tax
Explanation: it is better to do it now rather than try to introduce it later as the state needs funds for road maintenance.
Support for a climate emergency declaration
Ambivalent. He feels it is more important to act responsibly, as announcements can be a distraction.
We provided Matt with a copy of ‘The Big Switch’, which he is unlikely to read prior to the election.



Liberal candidate Asher Judah

Asher has a background in policy and communications, and has worked with the Institute of Public Affairs, the Master Builders Association and the Victorian Farmers Federation.
We congratulated the Liberal Party for establishing a 2030 target of 50% emissions reduction, as well as policies to support households.
We spoke to him about
  • the need for urgent climate action
  • targets to achieve this
  • politicians to speak out about it.
  • no new gas development
  • household energy efficiency
  • stopping native forest logging as quickly as possible
Asher acknowledged the economic opportunities in addressing climate, and referenced Matt Kean’s leadership in NSW. He feels the Liberals could end the climate wars, but currently there is disagreement in the Party room.
We provided him with a copy of ‘The Big Switch’, which he promised to read.



Climate Race Chisholm

Donations Most Welcome!


If you would like to donate to the Ashwood Climate Action Network campaign you can do so via the Lighter Footprints State Election Chuffed fundraising page. Just add the word “Ashwood” after your surname. Your support will be much appreciated! You can use the link below.


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