Today (Christmas Day 2008) we fully launch our new look website for Lighter Footprints.

It is built on Google’s ‘Blogspot’ platform, so essentially it’s a blog which has been adapted and customised to our needs. Thanks go to Peter Campbell for his vision.

This new site has a number of benefits, the primary one being that it’s easy for members of the group to add and update content. This is important because it means we can improve our timeliness and ability to spread the word on climate change, sustainability issues and the actions we are taking.

Building a site on Blogspot also means that Google’s search engine will rank us higher on public search results and provide a highly reliable service and best of all it’s free. Google is also making efforts to become a ‘greener’ company, so we think it’s good to use their technologies.

We are also in the process of launching three email discussion groups via, the first one (Lighter Footprints ACTION) is ready to go live and taking subscribers. More details here.

These are key componants of our efforts to make 2009 a banner year for climate action by Lighter Footprints.