Take Action

We are looking for action, rather than further debate. We need help so please join in. We have a support base of over 2000 and are keen to encourage you to get involved.


We run large public events on specific issues, often in association with elections offering interesting speakers,  challenging topics and impacting on local opinion.

Community Actions

We take opportunities to join with others involved in community outreach, as well build a local presence at festivals, including SLF.

Monthly Meetings

We meet 7pm last Wednesday of the month at the Guide Hall in Faversham Rd, Canterbury. You are warmly invited to come and hear our speakers and learn what we do.

State/National Action Group

This group focuses on actions that are driven by state and federal governments.

Our Activities
  • visits to local politicians;
  • forums related to state and federal elections involving candidates;
  • discussion of federal and state policies addressing climate change;
  • writing submissions on relevant issues at appropriate times;
  • working with the national climate change action movement on policies, strategic campaigns and conferences;
  • undertaking actions at a local level such as street stalls and letter boxing.
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Local Actions Group

This group focuses on issues that can be influenced by local governments, us, the rate-payers, and by belonging to a local community group. 

Our Activities
  • Working with local councils:
    • meeting with Councillors and Council Officers.
    • making submissions to Council, and speaking at Council meetings.
    • running forums on local sustainability issues with local Councillors, Council Officers, and others. 
  • Action on local issues – in 2012 campaigning for the Eastern Rail trail Cycleway (the  ‘Missing Link’)
  • Working with other groups in the area, e.g. through the Boroondara Sustainability Network. 
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This group meets every second Thursday of the month. For further details about this group contact Jenny: jennyhenty@upstreamadvice.com.au
Logistics Support Group
This group works on the logistics behind the group, email networks, website etc.
It meets and communicates as needed.
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contact the convenor at admin@lighterfootprints.org

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Our activities:


Organise Events

  • Forums on climate change with candidates for every election, state and federal.
  • Regular large public forums on issues of relevance and interest to the community
  • Monthly meetings with speakers
  • Run stalls, workshops, open houses and support other local groups


  • Made submissions to state, and federal government on Climate change policy.
  • Surveyed all candidates for local election on their views on climate change and relevant action, and then posted results in Leader press and website.
  • Made submissions to local government on budgets and strategic plans and speak to them at Council.
  • Visit politicians in the area and provide information on climate change and sustainability issue.
  • Established regular meetings with local council officers.


  • Built a local presence through articles in the local paper – about our regular speakers and on any issue with an environmental flavour.
  • Written many letters to the papers most of which have been published (15 in one month!).


  • Provide an information base for members through the email and social media
  • Supported local network links around the country
  • Built friendships.


  • Lighter Footprints has always been non-partisan, has a broad base and welcomes members from all political parties.
  • Lighter Footprints accepts no Government funding and is powered by community support.
  • Lighter Footprints’ members are active in the community and act on their own behalf in a variety of ways.