There may not be a huge number of royalists in the Australian environmental movement (although as an issue, the environment cuts across party lines). But when establishment figures like Prince Charles urge action on climate change, I think two things happen. First, and obviously, it gets the issue into the media, at least in Britain. Second, Charles has a history of using his profile for commenting on social issues. His comments normalise the issue; it’s more difficult now to portray concern about climate change as alarmist or the preserve of a radical minority.

Excerpt from this BBC story: ‘Hesitation over tackling climate change could be catastrophic, Prince Charles has told global warming experts. Speaking at St James’ Palace, in London, the prince said: “It seems to me that in many ways we already have some of the answers to hand. “We know about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and how to reduce deforestation… but we seem strangely reluctant to apply them,” he went on.’ Read the full story.