Music for climate at the Gasometer Hotel

A packed Gaso Hotel was treated to 5 very impressive performers last Thursday night. The night was billed as an Earth Fest benefit with proceeds going to climate action group, Lighter Footprints.

What a night!   We review the 5 acts below. Do yourselves a favour and go follow these talented performers on Facebook or Instagram

Jade Alice and Ivoris Gasometer Benefit

A big thanks to Jade and Ivoris and all the performers for creating such a great event.

James Franklin:

James Franklin Gasometer climate benefit

James kicked off the evening with his acoustic guitar an extension of himself, and with songs from the heart. His voice gives the lyrics clarity, and take you take you along on a journey at times soulful, at other times upbeat. A great begiining to the night from a talented artist. Definitely a guy to look for. Check out James more on InstagramSoundcloud, and YouTube, or stream his album!   Images: Julian Meehan

James Franklin Gasometer Hotel benefit



Telenova Gasometer climate benefit

Telenova are a Melbourne three-piece, fronted by the alluring vocals of multi-disciplined creative Angeline Armstrong, alongside the refined musicality of Edward Quinn (Slum Sociable) and Joshua Moriarty (Miami Horror). Telenova’s sound is strong and musically tight. Unequivocally Melbourne yet global.

Telenova Gasometer Hotel

Will it be Melbourne …..or the world ? Check their website here, and YouTube with Bones

Telenova Climate Benefit Gasometer Hotel Earth Fest

Images: Jack Meehan

Jade Alice

Jade Alice: one of the organisers of ‘Earth Fest’, Jade has a personal connection to Lighter Footprints as the granddaughter of Carolyn Ingvarson. She brought forth feelings of longing, nostalgia and heart-break at times.

Jade Gasometer Hotel climate benefit

Jade finished with a gutsy rendition of Abba’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimee (A man after midnight). Can’t imagine where she would have absolutely tapped into that sound!

Jade Alice climate benefit Gasometer Hotel

Thanks Jade for making this a beautifully entrancing night. With a heart and soul like Jade’s we’d better listen!

Jade Alice Gasometer Hotel

For more of Jade Alice try Luminosity  live at Shebeen, Angelboy or the powerful Kick Drum (Melbourne Music Bank winner).  Check out Jade on Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

Jade Alice Gasometer benefit

Images: Julian Meehan


Ivoris Gasometer climate benefit

Ivoris: Melbourne pop artist and co-organiser of ‘Earth Fest’ . One gets the feeling that Ivoris would make you laugh and then make you laugh and cry with her songs from life , sung with an intensity of feeling that few can achieve. Ivoris compels you to listen to her  voice, one  that is  strong and with words that had all of us at  the ‘Gaso’ captive. Could be your next best artist to follow. Another to Follow.

Ivoris Gasometer Hotel climate benefit

You can hear more Ivoris on YouTube:  Every hour we spend together, Let it snow or the lush Honeysea  Check out Ivoris on Instagram, and Spotify .  Images: Julian Meehan

Ivoris Gasometer Hotel


Yergurl: Emerging with fresh material this year, her single ‘until we meet again’ marks Yergurl’s unfolding maturity and un-erring upward trajectory. Her vocal style is captivating and could be the dance track you were looking for.

Yergurl Gasometer Benefit


Originally stepping into the spotlight in 2018 as a finalist Triple J’s Unearthed High Competition, Yergurl is one to follow. Check out Yergurl’s Instagram and Spotify – are  on YouTubeUntil we meet again, and ShakeIt.

Yergurl images from Gasometer Hotel benefit

Images: Jack Meehan

Yergurl Lighter Footprints Gasometer Benefit