Lighter Footprints likes to spread the word on climate change, the environment and other sustainability issues. Most importantly we offer information and encouragement on solutions and action we can all take.

One way we do this is through support of and participation in public events such as the recent Surrey Hills Sustainability Expo and last night’s Maling Road ‘Kriskindl’ (Christmas Festival). We set up our table, banners, flyers and merchandise and welcome all enquiries.

The stand and volunteers are organised by Lynn Frankes and Debbie Sparkes. Please contact them through the group, if you’d like to volunteer to help in the future.

Last night’s Kriskindl was good fun and a great success. We focused on three campaigns:

  • Stop logging of old growth forest in Brown Mountain – we had a stack of personal ‘ready to sign’ letters of objection addressed to Premier John Brumby. Once signed we immediately sealed, stamped and posted them. We had a great response to this campaign with people shocked and dismayed by the destruction as illustrated by our picture (see below). We encourage you to lobby the Victorian Premier or local politician to stop this happening. More information available at Greenlivingepedia.
  • Promotion of Accredited GreenPower – the fastest and easiest and most cost effective way of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions currently associated with your household. Caveat – regardless of the source, you should also seek to cut your electricity consumption, which will actually save you money and help save the planet! One call to your current electricity retailer will have your home running on electricity generated by renewable resources. It’s a vital step in addressing climate change that we stop generating electricity by burning highly polluting coal. Look here for independent assessment of different GreenPower products available from various retailers.
  • Join Lighter Footprints – please contact us, if you’d like to join. We are about to relaunch our mailing lists to keep you updated and informed on our activities.

Stump of Brown Mountain old growth tree logged in November 2008 – by Jill Redwood of EEG.