The titled quote was taken from the article ‘Solar industry cash dries up’ by Royce Miller in The Age.

Here’s the introduction:

AUSTRALIA is forfeiting billions of dollars in investment and thousands of jobs through its lack of support for solar energy, according to European companies that have shunned the sunburnt country.

– Potential investors reject Australia
– Lack of incentives for solar projects
– Problem ‘lack of government policy’

An Age investigation has found that potential investors courted by federal and state governments have rejected Australia, the world’s sunniest continent, citing a lack of business incentives such as tax breaks and the nation’s unwillingness to regulate in favour of renewable energy.

When our politicians defend their support and handouts for the carbon polluting industries in the name of ‘preserving jobs and our economy’, perhaps we should be asking them about the new jobs and new economy we are missing out on as a result?