There is no energy shortage, there is no energy crisis, there is a crisis of ignorance.”

That quote is from R. Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983) who was an architect, inventor, visionary and the second president of Mensa. He believed human societies would soon rely mainly on renewable sources of energy, such as solar power.

There’s certainly no crisis of ignorance among those people who signed the solar gross feed in tariff petition! Some of the comments we are seeing on the petition really make us wonder.. “the people of Australia certainly get it; why not the government? What will it take?”.

We’re just about to hit the 7,000 signature mark – lets see how fast we can get to 8,000 and beyond – your signatures and comments will be the massive wake up call our government needs!

State by state tally

ACT – 176
New South Wales – 1592
Northern Territory – 55
Queensland – 1118
South Australia – 390
Tasmania – 177
Victoria – 2592
Western Australia – 710

Let others know!

We’ve already let politicians such as Penny Wong, Kevin Rudd, Peter Garrett, Greg Hunt and Christine Milne know about the petition.

The more signatures and thoughtful comments on the petition, the greatly the likelihood policy makers in Australia will take our collective call seriously and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will choose a solar future for our nation over filthy coal!

You have played a vital role in the future of Australia’s energy security and efforts in the climate change battle, simply by having signed the petition. By taking just a few minutes to spread the word about the petition, you can do even more towards achieving our common goal!

You can forward this email on to friends and colleagues or use the “share” feature on each page of the site, alert the media, use the tell a friend form or even perhaps put up a banner on your web site/blog!

Additionally, we’ve published a press release you’re most welcome to reproduce and redistribute!

Don’t forget to confirm your signature!

After signed the petition, an email would have been sent to you with a link to confirm your signature. If you haven’t done so as yet; please do as it’s only confirmed signatures that we’ll be submitting as part of the final petition.

If the confirmation email isn’t in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder as it may have wound up in there!

Thanks again for your support and interest!

Michael Bloch.
Feed In Tariff Petition Initiative
An Energy Matters Public Service