The international health and medical community have released a Declaration at the global climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar, calling for health to be a central priority in national and global responses to climate change.

The Doha Declaration on Climate, Health and Well-being, whose signatories include the World Medical Association, International Council of Nurses, and Royal College of Physicians (UK), says “human health is profoundly threatened by our global failure to halt emissions growth and curb climate change.”
The Doha Declaration calls for health to be central to climate action, and highlights the opportunities to improve health through emissions reductions – pointing out that reducing fossil fuel consumption and moving to low carbon energy systems can deliver many benefits to health worldwide. 

“The impact of climate change on health is one of the most significant measures of harm associated with our warming planet. Protecting health is therefore one of the most important motivations for climate action,” the Declaration says.

The drafting of the statement was led by Australia’s Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA), and signatories include Public Health Association of Australia, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, Australian Association of Social Workers, the School of Public Health at Curtin University and many others.

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