Renewable Energy: the people’s choice
Lighter Footprints quickly and easily collected more than 80 letters at the Kew Community Festival on Saturday 23 March defending renewable energy.
Local citizens enjoying the festival were only too happy to sign letters expressing their dismay that the Renewable Energy Target was under attack from electricity  power generators like Origin Energy.
Origin Energy’s managing director Grant King has attracted the ire of the Clean Energy Council and of wind farm operator Infigen Energy, which have accused him of trying to protect Origin’s investment in gas from clean energy competitors such as wind and solar.
Government confirms target:
Following a Climate Change Authority review,  the Gillard Government last week accepted its recommendation that the target of 41,000 gigawatt hours of renewable energy by 2020 would remain.
Coalition position less clear: 
The Coalition has said it supports the target of 20 per cent renewable energy by 2020 but has also said it will review the gigawatt hours target in the light of falling electricity demand.
Shadow climate minister Greg Hunt has promised a review within six months of taking office, heightening fears that the target will be weakened.
Stable, predictable future required
The Climate Change Authority, which took account of the fall in demand, recommended the existing target remain to provide stability and predictability for renewable energy investors.
Lighter Footprints views attempts to weaken the target as reprehensible given the urgent need to move to a clean energy economy.
It seems that many of the good citizens of Kew and its surrounds agree with us.
Letters were also collected addressed to Opposition leader Tony Abbott demanding a stronger climate action policy, which would protect and strengthen the renewable energy target.