Be part of the first major conference of Australia’s leading progressive think tanks.

At the halfway mark of the Rudd Government’s first term, and a year on from the 2020 Summit, we invite you to join us in considering the principles and values that should guide progressive policy making into the 21st century.

For the past three decades governments have relied heavily on market forces to achieve their
goals, favouring short-term economic considerations over long-term public benefit. But the global financial crisis raises serious questions about the balance between economic growth
and social and environmental sustainability.

This event presents a rare opportunity to discuss the challenges that governments in Australia now face.

Will be held in Sydney on 22nd and 23rd April, and will feature an impressive list of local and international speakers including Ann Pettifor from Advocacy International in the UK. Ann has written extensively on debt and finance, climate change and international development and was one of the authors of the UK national economic foundation’s Green New Deal.