Convenor Carolyn Ingvarson makes it into the Age this August!

Policies lack credibility

At the packed Kooyong/Chisholm forum on climate change last week, three class candidates spoke with strength and some passion about the need to tackle this vital issue.

The Greens recognised what’s required; Labor had at least some structural foundation on which to build; but the Liberal Party struggled to find anything convincing to match its rhetoric of concern. In response to the question ”Are you happy that the Liberals are doing what is required to address climate change?” Josh Frydenberg said they were doing what is realistic.

And there’s the rub – the science is clear and terrifying, but only the minor party can see how to build an economy/society independent of fossil fuels. Labor is hanging in there, but the Liberal Party seems so out of touch with the level of response needed. Good candidates like Frydenberg must stand up to weak policies if they want to remain credible – even in safe electorates.

Carolyn Ingvarson, Canterbury